NoPuttPutt, the all-in-one solar electric propulsion system for narrowboats.

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NoPuttPutt is an all-in-one solar electric propulsion system consisting of a brushless motor, lithium battery, inverter, solar panels, display and throttle, plus all the bits to make it work!

Power your narrowboat from the Sun. Be kind to the planet and cruise in tranquil quiet.

Noputtputt brings the propulsion of narrowboats using solar power simply and affordably within reach by taking advantage of recent developments in solar power systems, electric motors and batteries.

What is NoPuttPutt?

NoPuttPut is a solar electric motor propulsion system designed to convert a narrowboat from diesel to solar powered battery electric, or indeed to fit out a new boat.

Makes the most effective use of the available solar energy using LiFePO4 batteries and a brushless motor.

NoPuttPutt can also be used to power some or all of the appliances on the boat.

Easy to fit

NoPuttPutt has been designed to be simple to fit with modular, high quality components.

Please get in contact if you would like to replace your diesel with solar power and we will put you in contact with your nearest NoPuttPutt approved installer. The good news is that they will also take out your diesel for you.

If you are a professional boatyard or boat builder and would like to become a NoPuttPutt approved installer, then please get in contact.

The best battery for the job

NoPuttputt stores the energy that the solar panels provide in a Lithium (LiFePO4) battery. The advantages of this over Lead Acid batteries (also Lead Carbon or Gel or AGM batteries) are:

  • Much better charging cycle life
  • Better charging and discharging efficiency
  • Much greater maximum usable capacity
  • Better value
  • Greater power density
  • More compact

That's why the Lithium battery in a NoPuttPutt system is maximising the available solar energy to power the motor and appliances.

Lead Acid vs Lithium (LiFePO4) Batteries

NoPuttPutt - Affordable Solar Propulsion

Prices start at £15,999 including VAT and installation

Standard Bundles

Off Grid Optional Power Back-Up

Your solar electric powered NoPuttPutt system is designed to suit the way that you use your boat without any additional power input. Mains power can also be used to charge the battery, but of course on a waterway that isn't always available. So for peace of mind for unforeseen occasions we offer an optional compact and quiet petrol or diesel generator that provides immediate power should it be required. Contact us for more details

Price: £2,750 (petrol) £9,999 (diesel)

(inc VAT and installation)